Well, Where should I begin Honestly I Never thought I would be In this position Currently that I'm in right now With 💋💕JCPCO💗💋After all the challenges I've been through And continue to go through Each and every single day The obstacles Have been quiet Challenging Needless to say but all that being said It continues to shape and mold me into the person that I'm becoming each day.

Urban Fashion with a Hint of Class 💯

I'm the same age as LeBron James He is about 2 months older than I am Give are taken And The former late Nipsey Hussle Around 2 months younger than myself you Maybe You're Thinking  to yourself Why I brought those 2 gentlemen up, We are born in the same generation 1985 Man I'm getting old 😂

Anyways back in those days, Times for us were extremely rough You see I was born in Compton California Came out of Martin Luther King junior hospital During those times It was gang infested Lot of bad people In fact So bad My father was gunned down In the Act of violence So Long story short I ended up in El Paso Texas For a change of scenery So I got majority of my education from there and Childhood upbringing Very secluded But still Had its up's and downs I went to school for Acting In theater arts At the time I was extremely good at it Learn how to write music Used to play the Alto saxophone,  Piano, and the Harmonica🎶 I played football, Basketball, Baseball, Roller hockey, And archery 🏀& a few others That I did not get to mention. It was difficult growing up in a house Being adopted And taking away from your family do too Unknown reasons But Needless to say I managed to get through it all Regardless of the circumstances, So when I was 18 I was Kicked Out of the house And That's when things Went South 🤔I was a good kid and All Maybe a Little slow at learning But leaned on my friends Because I was quite popular and a  class clown 🤡 At the time I enrolled in job core And took culinary arts for 2 years and lived there Try to get into the military And I guess it wasn't for me So I never joined Couldn't get through the ASVAB testing Part of the curriculum Fortunate for me That's when the war started The whole 911 Ordeal And a bunch of Troops was being sent out  for I war most people Didn't even Believe in People last night good friends and family members because of it Anyways I ended up back in Los Angeles And I pursued an acting career In Hollywood For over 6 years plus And quite frankly I was exceptionally good at it What's on TV Shows Commercials Movies Make a list celebrities Turn the Likes of Tom Hank, Ron Howard, Paul Walker,Vivica A Fox ,Jim balushi,Jerry O'Connor Countless others Even Eva Longoria You name it I've come across them all But Can't make any money Being a starving actor Let me tell you 🙄I need a new job So I got one Let me tell you Just over broke In living paycheck to paycheck Was never really My true Identity 😏Feel like I have more to offer than just a job So I Tried a music career Instead While Maintaining a J.O.B And I was going to school for computer science The music Was really fun It allowed me to express myself in ways  It allowed me to have a platform to be free and unique ..



I ended up creating a Mixtape of songs on Reverbnation You can find my profile by searching Jesus Cesar I stop making music due to getting shot in the Face While driving my car here In Los Angeles California one late night In Inglewood Hawthorne District Area Its a sensitive case and I feel that my detective and the city of Los Angles Has Failed  me has An American Born and Raised Citizen of the United States of America 🗽 I have my personal views on what took place and why but won't discuss it here. After surviving such a catastrophic Emotional event I decided to create What you see now 💕💋JCPALACECO💋💕I will not discuss on with the name means just yet But that has multiple meanings within the name In the name means In has Significance in royalty 🙏

I created this store with love and compassion to bring attention to violence particularly Gun violence and how it disarrayed My whole Outlook Towards Life In general Sad Senseless Act Hatred So I made sure That my store Evolves Around love Sick of it The hatred that is So Perhaps I can make a non profit organization Some of the proceeds At this store Generates In the time coming It's more than just a shopping store The store with purpose With real heart In the kiss of life I thank you for your contributions And I thank you for getting to know me just a little bit more Hope you like what you see And I will continue to strive to get better as time progresses I'm a Winner and Fighter at💗 God Bless🙏✨

Postscript me In the Hospital Back Of 2017 God Had mercy over my life So I will be forever Thankful 💯🙏😇